Foundation Repair Services

Foundation Repair Company, foundation, repair, bowed walls, settlement, piering, foundation repairAround Central Missouri and in cities such as Jefferson City, Fulton, Columbia, and Eldon are often known for clay-based soil problems that cause serious and severe foundation problems. A shifting or settling foundation may result in structural damage to the property and a loss of your investment.

If  you live around around Central Missouri in cities such as Jefferson City, Fulton, Columbia, and Eldon, and you are experiencing settlement or sinking foundation problems, cracked and buckled walls and uneven floors - we are here to help.  You may also know someone on your street or local area who is affected by this. 

Structures situated on bad soils are affected when their foundations "settle", which means they are being subjected to extreme moisture conditions and/or lack of proper drainage. 

Some common foundation symptoms to look for:


Missouri Foundation problems, piers, helical piers, wall anchors, cracks, foundation repair

Our trained team will assess the structure, identify any issues you might be having with your foundation and provide the right approach that meets your needs. 

 In Jefferson City, Columbia, Mexico, Fulton, and surrounding areas, we are the company with the experience to solve your foundation settlement issues.





We are very pleased with the foam work done for us. We have had good experiences both times you have worked for us.

Mexico MO Properties – Mexico

Your crew was hard working, precise and dependable to repair the settling in my foundation.  They explained what was being done and kept me informed about their progress in repairing my foundation.

Neoma B., Jefferson City