Repair Solutions For Foundation Settlement

When a structure's foundation has experienced settlement, it is important to solve this problem permanently.

Solving Foundation Problems In Missouri With Piers, foundation, repair, bowed walls, settlement, pieringAdvanced Foundation Repair LLC uses steel resistance or helical piers attached to the foundation based on the engineering requirements of the structure.

The steel piers are hydraulically driven to stable bedrock or load bearing strata and the weight of the structure transferred to the steel brackets attached to the foundation. This attachment is below the ground so nothing is exposed once the process is completed.

Each pier is load tested with a safety factor calculated to ensure a reliable permanent solution. The installation is fast and can be installed in limited areas. The structure is carefully restored back by lifting in unison on each pier or sections of piers.

Underpinning or piering is the foundation repair process, which transfers the weight of the structure that is sitting on unstable soil to bedrock or firm bearing strata by using steel piers.



Piering is the most cost-effective way to solve your foundation settlement problems. Contact us for the peace of mind that we can give by proposing a cost-effective solution. Estimates are always free to the homeowner.

Thank you for waterproofing our basement.  The crew was hard working, and the consultant was very knowledgable and kept us informed.  Great job!

Ronald G., Jefferson City

We are very pleased with the foam work done for us. We have had good experiences both times you have worked for us.

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