Helical Slab Repair

When faced with settling, broken concrete floors in your basement or garage, slab piers can solve the problem.  Steel helical piers are installed into the soil under the Concrete Floor Repair MO, slab, settlement, repair, concrete, MO, Missouri, Fulton, Mexico, Columbia, Jefferson City, foundation repairslab to transfer the weight of the slab to competent load-bearing strata (soil) or bedrock. Once the piers are installed, you can also lift the slab back to a level position.

Slab piers allow you to fix your settled slab quickly, without the need to remove the existing slab and any walls in the area.  Heavy-duty steel brackets are attached to the failed slab and steel piers driven beneath to stable soil strata. Utilizing hydraulic equipment, the concrete slab is lifted to the appropriate level, stabilized and the bracket is removed.

Some Advantages of Slab Piers






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The experienced crew corrected our bowed wall and fixed our leaking basement. It was a costly job, but well worth it!

Gary B., Fayette

I was very pleased with the hard work and promptness of the crew.  The consultant explained in detail how my foundation could be repaired.  Thank you!

Betty L., Fulton