Bowed Walls

Repairing leaning or bowed walls Columbia, Fulton, Jefferson City St. Charles, bowed wall repair, foundation repair company, fulton, foundation repairIf your basement walls are leaning in or cracked and bowed you could have serious structural damage if not corrected. Water and other forces like the pressure from the soil as it expands create problems for basement and crawl space walls by exerting too much pressure causing them to fail.

Hydrostatic pressure can cause issues with structures if the water isn't diverted away from the structure which may include the drain lines and grade.

Once a wall begins to fail, it never gets better and you will need a solution to ensure that your foundation is structurally sound.

We have over 18 years experience solving these types of bowed wall problems using proven helical wall anchor systems. It is also possible to address footing drain issues that may have been the cause of the issue at the same time.




We also carry a full line of helical tieback anchors and soil nails for commercial applications where engineered solutions are needed.

Thank you to your experienced crew was fixing my sinking foundation.  They worked hard in harsh weather.

Nancy P., Mexico

We give your company an A+ for repairing our bowing wall.  Thank you!

Judy N., Montgomery City