Types of Basement Leaks

Locating where water is entering your home is key to solving the wet basement problem, so mark the source whenever the seepage is active. Basement leaks are frustrating and can cause damage to your property.Leaking gutters cause basement water problems, foundation repair, foundation problems, foundation solutions

When it comes to drying up your Central MO wet basement, there's a few ways to look at solving the problem because not all water issues are from the same source.

For example, some homes may simply need a little landscaping or grading to divert unwanted water away from the home.  Water may have accumulated in window wells from a steady or heavy rainfall.

Other homes may only need a fan to circulate the air or a dehumidifier to stop condensation.

In some cases, water may be seeping in where the floor and walls meet.  On a more serious level, there are wet basements experiencing water pushing up through the floor cracks in the middle of the basement floor.

With hollow block walls, the water builds up in the wall and seeps in through the joint where the floor and wall meet.   Solid concrete walls experience water coming through the floor wall joint and through leaking floor cracks. Clogged gutters are a prime source of surface water. Keeping gutters free of debris is important maintenance for homeowners to prevent the buildup of surface water. If the gutters are clean, perhaps there are not enough downspouts on the house's guttering system to handle a heavy rain.

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Summary of Causes of Leaking Basement Problems:

Through the walls
Through the floor or floor/wall joint
Over the top of the wall
Surface water runs down foundation walls


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